Why We Practice Law

It is very difficult to understand why unfortunate things happen to wonderful people. Serious injury caused by the negligence of another person or a defective product, can leave a victim in pain. It can also lead to a sense of vulnerability and fear. Lawyers have the opportunity to represent our clients to make sure they are compensated for losses caused by others. As lawyers, we cannot change the fact that our clients have suffered injury. But we can help to provide them with the financial and other assistance to which they are entitled under the law. We are able to seek both economic and non-economic damages to help injured victims deal with their lives after a tragic accident or injury.

For example, during labor and delivery if a preventable injury occurs, we look to the relevant evidence to prove negligence by reviewing the prenatal chart, the labor and delivery record, the fetal monitor tracings, the neonatal intensive care records and more. Parents need legal support after a labor and delivery that results in injury to their infant. As a mother myself, I find great personal satisfaction in representing families of an injured child. Helping young victims and their families will not take away the damage that has been done, but we can connect families with medical experts that provide guidance and support and we can secure the support families will need to care for their injured baby as he or she grows.

Another area of legal expertise includes cases that are the result of the negligence of fertility clinics or sperm banks and related entities. Families put their future in the hands of fertility clinics to help them become parents. There is nothing more emotionally charged than going through this often very intense process. But in our law practice we have encountered fertility clinics that fail to provide proper protocols and procedures, or oversight and adherence to regulations. Fertility clinic mistakes happen because there is no oversight or regulation, because the clinics think they are dealing with desperate people, because the clinics are more interested in profit than proficiency. Mistakes happen in the lab with the embryologists, in the failure to check and verify the specimens. Mistakes happen because sperm banks do not use simple procedures to check the donors against their completed forms which are designed to generate income for the donor and the bank. Mistakes happen which are egregious and devastating. Our representation in this field of law is not only gratifying, but it is also the only way those who have been damaged by these mistakes can find a way to heal from them.

Another important are of law practice in our field of law is when a product causes an injury. Federal agencies such as the Consumer Products Safety Commission institutes recalls when a product has caused, or is likely to cause, injury or death. But what happens to those who have already been injured or lost their lives due to a defective product? Lawyers research the product and determine how or why the product failed. Did it have a defect in design? Did the manufacturer know the problem and hide it? Often we represent individuals or groups of individuals who have been harmed by products that the manufacturer knew were problematic and could cause injury, but withheld that information in order to profit from the sale of these products. sell products. A recent example of this is the widespread problems with airbags. We expect car manufacturers to provide safe products, especially those that are intended to keep us safe rather than harm us.

Our firm has forced defective products off the market and we view our clients as our partners in helping to right these wrongs. Our firm has represented many clients in landmark cases involving injuries and harm that have set precedent. We practice law become we are devoted to righting these wrongs on behalf of our clients. We provide are dedicated to the personal relationships we build with our clients. Contact Hersh Law for help with your accident or injury.