Many men and women, for one reason or another, elect to preserve their eggs, create their embryos, transfer their embryos, promote pregnancy and birth of children to love and cherish. Selecting a good fertility clinic is difficult. Website advertise success rates. Doctors with whom you consult promote their clinics. You are encourages or “advised” to undergo expensive treatments. Your savings can be depleted. Therefore, you must be careful and selective before you commit.

Research! Research a few different things, for example:

         – Doctors’ Backgrounds: Look online to see if the clinic or any of the doctors have been sued. Do a search on the relevant medical board for each of the doctors’ licenses and for any complaints related to the doctor. Speak to people with experience in the field.

         – Costs: Compare costs and find out what is provided for what you are charged.

         – Lab Operations: Ask how the lab is run and supervised. Ask whether any other entity is involved in the clinic or lab operations. Ask whether or not any mistakes have been made, e.g. eggs or embryos destroyed, embryos switched, dropped or destroyed, or any damage to tissue.

         – Compensation structure: Ask whether or not the doctors’ pay is determined by how many patients they sign up. Ask about the clinic and lab payment structure.

         – Risks: Ask about the risks and how often they can occur and how often they have occurred in this particular clinic or lab.

The bottom line is ASK QUESTIONS. Be your own health advocate. Compare and contrast. Be as careful as possible.